The Fall – “Every leaf is a flower”





The best season among all where the world around you would seem like a painting. The best colors in combination portraying the creator’s own creativity.  A peep through my window early in the morning would just make my day, those vibrant colors, wow… what a fresh and lively morning! Definitely “Every Leaf is a Flower” and all those trees standing up bearing its beautiful leaves with wonderful colors, a visual treat. The slight drizzle and the cool breeze adds more beauty and my cool walk would just give me back all the energy I need. Each leaf fall would make me think if there is anything that I can do to make them not fall, to make them stay colorful and vibrant forever…but it just falls making us feel sad and reminding us of the nailbiting weather ahead… but as long as the colors are on it stays as the best…. and once again the creator just awes me!!!