Cheese Stuffed Okra

A known recipe with my own twist!

This recipe needs just few minutes for you to be in the kitchen… Just Okra, spices, Peanuts (or any nuts) and cheese. Isn’t that what you want?

Ok, so Here it is; No measures required just add it to your taste.

Okra – a Few

Peanuts / Cashews / almonds

Chilly Powder

Coriander powder

Curry Powder – for flavor

salt to taste


  • Wash and pat dry the Okras. Cut the Okra Pods into half keeping the top and one side intact.
  •  Mix Chilly powder, Coriander Powder and curry powder together like a paste.


  •  Coarsely grind peanuts (or nuts of your choice) and mix it with the paste. Here I have not used any nuts but just the spicy mixture.
  •  Take the mixture and gently stuff the split okras, set aside.

IMG_7698  IMG_7701

  • In a pan, sauté the onions.
  • Once onions are cooked translucent, place each Okra finger in the pan along with the onions and gently stir.


  • Cook it in low flame.
  • Once the okra is cooked (make sure the masala is not burnt), remove it from the pan and allow it to cool down.

IMG_7707         IMG_7708

  • Now take some cheese out of your fridge, it may be any kind (Mozzarella, swiss, american, flavored cheese etc..). I used mixed cheese grated



  • Stuff the cooked okra with the cheese gently and make sure they do not break. And garnish with lots of cheese on top of the okra fingers too.


  • In the oven (mine is microwave / convection oven) place the okra dish in 150 degree C for more the cheese to melt down in the okra and make it a tantalizing one.IMG_7712


  • Bring it out to see how the cheese has gone down to your okra pods to a heavenly melt in your mouth.


Enjoii this dish with Grilled Fish and freshly cut Cucumbers.


Try and Let me know…

Curly 🙂